Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval Misspells Neveda

This is the same Governor that signed Nevada Assembly Bill 306 to keep out-of-state Private Investigators out of Nevada by requiring them to have a brick and mortar office. Nevada PI’s need not worry about that because they simply use their home as their office. This bill was pushed through the legislator by a group of PI’s. Can you say, “Corrupt” ? This is another politician trying to keep competition out of the state that already has a higher unemployment rate than the national average and the worst real estate market. This guy wants to be re-elected but does not know how to spell his states’ name. He needs to go, along with Harry Reid.

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Police Find 11 Hidden Cameras in a Womans’ Home

Cameras can come in the shape of just about anything and can be made out of any object, such as a clock, a watch, a pen a smoke detector, etc. These covert cameras are very difficult to detect without the right equipment. Paloma Investigative Services specializes in Technical Surveillance Counter Measures and has all the right equipment to detect video, audio and GPS devices. If you suspect that you have hidden cameras or bugs in your home or business, give us a call and we will come out to you to assess the situation. We service Riverside County, San Bernardino County, Orange County, San Diego County, Los Angeles County, Imperial County, Santa Barbara County, Ventura County.

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More Data Breaches to Come

Office Max blames a 3rd party marketer for making this mistake? A family receives an ad from Office Max addressed to, “Daughter killed in Car Crash”.  It is unknown how Office Max received that information, or at least they aren’t admitting it, but their daughter was killed in a car crash.

Basically, Office Max is admitting that when you shop there, they will release your personal information to a 3rd party for marketing purposes.  They have no control over what the 3rd party does with your information.  With the huge data breach at Target, the corporations that you release your personal information take little accountability with protecting your information; all in the name of marketing…and money.  Every time you give in to a company’s request to receive one of their discount cards, you are revealing your personal information and shopping habits, so stop giving away your personal information and privacy!  Many consumers are so easy to give-up their personal information, just to save a few cents.  For those that have been the victim of identity theft, it is not worth it.

On Thursday, January 16, 2014, the U.S. government and the private security intelligence firm iSIGHT Partners notified multiple businesses and financial institutions that BlackPOS software was the name of the device used to steal Targets’ customer information.  This same device has been used in 6 other breaches of information.  However, the U.S. Government, the financial institutions and the businesses have all remained silent as to the names of the companies where the breaches have occurred, so stand-by for another bombshell to drop soon.  The suspects in this huge data breach are from a foreign country and likely will never be held accountable.

Sometimes you don’t have a choice in revealing your personal information.  For example, I returned an unwanted item to Best Buy that I purchased with a credit card. They asked for identification and I provided my drivers license. Before I could protest, the clerk swiped it through their computer and gave it back to me. I asked the clerk what he just did and he said he took my drivers license information to prevent fraud from people that continually return items. He said not to worry because it only captured my name, drivers license number and expiration date. I learned later it captured my entire drivers license information, including my date of birth.

I spoke to the Best Buy manager who said an outside company called The Retail Equation (1-800-652-2331) maintains this info for Best Buy and other companies such as Walmart and Home Depot for fraud purposes.  My concern is that not only Best Buy, but an outside company now has my personal info.

Once your information is released to an outside company, you don’t know what their privacy policies are for the future release of your information.  I checked into the legality of this practice in California and here is what I found:


1798.90.1. (a) (1) Any business may swipe a driver’s license or identification card issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles in any electronic device for the following purposes:

(A) To verify age or the authenticity of the driver’s license or identification card.

(B) To comply with a legal requirement to record, retain, or transmit that information.

(C) To transmit information to a check service company for the purpose of approving negotiable instruments, electronic funds transfers, or similar methods of payments, provided that only the name and identification number from the license or the card may be used or retained by the check service company.

(D) To collect or disclose personal information that is required for reporting, investigating, or preventing fraud, abuse, or material misrepresentation.

(2) A business may not retain or use any of the information obtained by that electronic means for any purpose other than as provided herein.

(b) As used in this section, “business” means a proprietorship, partnership, corporation, or any other form of commercial enterprise.

(c) A violation of this section constitutes a misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment in a county jail for no more than one year, or by a fine of no more than ten thousand dollars ($10,000), or by both

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Internet resources:

Trademark and Copyright Violations, Counterfeiting and Intellectual Property Crimes


Trademark violatons, copyright violations, counterfeiting and intellectual property crimes are just some of the cases investigated by Paloma Investigative Services. The underground market for the products of these crimes are in the billions of dollars and none of the suspects pay a dime in taxes, making the manufacturers and the taxpayers lose just as much in revenue, not to mention lost jobs etc.                       CLICK HERE for an upcoming business training seminar


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Night Vision Binoculars

nightvision nightvision2

Paloma Investigative Services is always keeping up to date with the latest technology so that our investigators can continue being the best of the best.  We just updated our surveillance equipment with Bushnell Night Vision binocoluars, with infrared capability.

So why does an investigator need such equipment? Because our investigators don’t only work 9 a.m – 5 p.m., Monday thru Friday.  Our work hours include the night shift, making it necessary to have such equipment to properly do our job.  One example is that Paloma Investigative Services contracts with corporations that may be experiencing internal/external theft, so surveillance is conducted at night, either outdoors or indoors.  There are nights that are very dark, with no stars or available ambient lighting to allow proper surveillance, in which case the infrared will pick-up any movement.

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How to Obtain your Own Criminal History Report

I have been asked by many clients if I can run a criminal history on them.  The answer is…maybe.  As a Private Investigator, I have access to online county court records which may indicate one’s court case disposition, arrests, probation status and case status.  Many of the online websites are pay per search and some are free, but have limited information.  However, if you are a Californian, you have the right to obtain a copy of YOUR OWN criminal history, directly through the California Department of Justice/Attorney Generals Office for a $25 DOJ fee.  Here is the form and how to complete it:

  • Click here for the Live Scan form
  • Under “Type of Application” click “Record Review”
  • Under “Reason for Application” write “Record Review”
  • Complete ALL of your personal information

Print out and take the form to a live scan location in your area with a check for $25 made out to DOJ.  The live scan location will likely charge their live scan fee on top of that.                                                                                                                                                             click for Live Scan Locations

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Another Government Leak Waiting To Happen

The United States Government will be hiring several Navigators (or screeners) to review your personal information including address, date of birth, social security number and most likely your medical history.  This will be done during enrollment as part of the new Obama Care Program.  The Navigators will have very little training and currently don’t need to undergo a background check.  One bad apple can devastate your life with your information being sold for the lucrative business of identity theft.

Keep in mind that the EEOC now requires employers to disregard certain types of criminal history that can’t be used to disqualify an employee. Here is an excerpt from the EEOC website in reference to the hiring of Census Bureau Employees… “Excluding individuals from employment because they have conviction records may disproportionately affect persons covered under EEO laws, including African-Americans and Hispanics, thereby creating a disparate impact. Accordingly, the Census Bureau needs to show that its exclusionary policies or practices are “job related and consistent with business necessity.”  For exclusions based on convictions, the legal standard is that the criminal conduct is recent enough and sufficiently job related to be predictive of performance in the position sought, given its duties and responsibilities.  If the Census Bureau is excluding individuals who “have had a[ny] conviction . . . since age 18 for something other than a minor traffic violation,” however, it is highly doubtful that its screening methods will meet the job related and consistent with business necessity standard.”

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Unlicensed PI convicted of multiple felonies

Former police officer Kevin Michael Sianez was working as a private Investigator, but never bothered to get licensed, so now he has been convicted of multiple felonies, which will land him in prison.  The State of California has a licensing entity called the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services, who oversee Private Investigators and other professions.  Continue reading