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Investigative Services

Asset Searches

Our investigators have the ability to locate assets prior to a decision to litigate or after litigation to enforce a judgment. We use the most technologically advanced databases available to investigators. Asset locate investigations can be used to locate hidden assets of an estranged spouse or someone you are seeking a judgment against.

Background Checks

One of the most important things to know is the history of the person that you are going to be doing business with, a new employee, roommate, or significant other. It is paramount to have the most up to date knowledge of your new relationship prior to any agreement. It will be very costly to learn too late about past problems and issues.

Corporate Investigations

Paloma Investigative Services is here to support your company's needs. We conduct complete and thorough investigations to determine the best course of action such as whether potential mergers are wise with another company, whether a potential business partner is legitimate, ethical and worth the time, money and effort to bring on board or join. We will conduct Financial Searches, Criminal Background Checks and Intellectual Property investigations as needed.

Human Resource Training

Paloma Investigative Services is the leader in corporate training. Our training can be tailored to suit your needs, including the length of the presentation, number of attendees and the location. Here are some of our lesson plans:

  • Fraud/Counterfeit Detection

  • Diversity

  • Ethics

  • Sexual Harassment

  • Substance Abuse Training

  • Workplace Violence


Human Resource Investigations

Our investigators support corporations, businesses and government entities in conducting thorough internal investigations into, but not limited to, employee misconduct, policy violations, criminal conduct, employee fraud, etc.

Missing Persons

During the past 10 years, police departments have seen huge budget cuts, resulting in the loss of police officers and detectives to handle missing persons cases. For those families reeling from not knowing the whereabouts of a loved one who has gone missing, it's important to hire someone with previous law enforcement experience because that investigator will be working closely with the local police department, hopefully in a partnership. We specialize in missing persons cases and work closely with law enforcement to bring your loved ones home. Many times, missing persons do so voluntarily, in which case, we cannot disclose their whereabouts without their permission.

Process Server

We specialize in difficult services and use the most advanced databases and innovative techniques in locating individuals for criminal and civil service of process.

Child Recovery

Parental abduction of their non-custodial children is a serious crime that tears families apart for many years. If a child's whereabouts are unknown, Paloma Investigative Services will tap into our global network of experienced investigators to pursue all leads and effectuate the safe return of your child.

Civil Investigations

Along with our experienced investigators, we offer the most up to date investigative techniques in data collection and supporting material for civil investigations and legal matters, such as a lawsuit or other legal process.

Criminal Investigations

Specializing in, but not limited to, Homicide and Domestic Violence cases. We are the leader in criminal investigations in California, Nevada and Arizona and support corporations, individuals, law enforcement agencies and their attorneys.

Cyber Investigation

Includes Forensics, Electronic Data Discovery and Data Recovery. Corporations, companies, small businesses and individuals face a world of constant cyber attacks, compromising personal, proprietary and secret data on ones computer. We have the technology, experience and knowledge to stop the cyber attacks and support civil and/or criminal litigation against the attackers once revealed.

Due Diligence

Due Diligence investigations conducted by Paloma Investigative Services goes beyond the normal Due Diligence investigations conducted by less thorough investigative companies. We use multiple databases that go beyond the scope of what is minimally needed. When necessary, our Due Diligence includes a complete professional review such as interviewing parties, surveillances, confirmation of documents such as resumes and other information supplied by the subject.

Family Law

We support the Petitioner or the Respondent in family law and child custody cases. We use the most advanced techniques and work in cooperation with your attorney, or with you if you are Pro Per. We are experts in surveillance, which reveal the true activities of your spouse or significant other, sometimes revealing infidelity and financial misconduct. Surveillance is done by several means, including but not limited to personal surveillance and/or by the use of a GPS tracking device, when legal and appropriate. We also ensure that the opposing party complies with any court orders such as a mandate for No alcohol and drug use, especially in the presence of their children.

Fugitive Recovery

We offer Bail Enforcement Services. We will locate, apprehend and surrender the fugitive that is released on bond, who has failed to appear as ordered or if the bond agent or co-signor has revoked the bond. We protect the liability of the client by exonerating the bond. 

GPS Monitoring

We rent GPS monitoring devices to corporations, government entities and individuals to be used lawfully for asset protection, lawful surveillance and to know your teens' whereabouts. We also use our GPS devices to track a company's assets from point A to point B.

K-9 Services- Bomb Detection, Drug Detection

Through our partners, we offer bomb detection and drug detection in the corporate world, school districts, special events, the work place and anywhere else necessary for the detection and deterrence of bombs and drugs. Our Handlers and their K-9's undergo extensive and continual training to maintain their skills and certifications.

Surveillance-Covert, Counter & Video

We are the experts in surveillance using the most advanced, state of the art equipment and tactics to conduct covert and counter-surveillance. TSCM is the acronym for Technical Surveillance Counter Measures. Our equipment can locate hidden cameras (wired and wireless), room monitors (bugs), eavesdropping devices, cell phone bugs and phone taps. We do not accept assignments designed to counter law enforcement efforts.

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