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Personal Protection, detective
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armed security, personal protection

Executive Protection, most commonly called Body Guard services, is the protection of persons and property by properly trained individuals. At Paloma Investigative Services, we provide these services to our clients under the umbrella of Paloma Security Alliance (PPO license # 17632).

All of our Executive Protection Officers are prior military and/or law enforcement. They each have a concealed firearms permit.  We conduct our Executive Protection details in plain clothes to suit the situation. We have male and female officers available.

Our security officers perform such assignments as :

Estate Protection/Security,

Hostile Employee Termination,

Workplace Security, 

Corporate Employee Protection,

Corporate Event Security, 

Labor Actions, 

Celebrity and VIP Protection.

Our security officers stay updated on the latest laws effecting the Executive Protection industry, so that we can provide the best protection for our clients.  One of the newly enacted laws in California is 40008 of the California Vehicle Code, which “prohibits the act to interfere with the driver of a vehicle, to willfully follow another vehicle too closely, or commit reckless driving in pursuit of any visual image, sound recording or other physical impression of another person for a commercial purpose”. This is also known as the anti-paparazzi law.

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