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No breakfast for Tiffany in Palm Springs

In 2008, the Antique Roadshow on PBS was on tour in Palm Springs, California. Two Tiffany lamps, from circa 1905, owned by a Palm Springs resident, were featured on the show and were appraised together at $130,000.

Unfortunately, the Palm Springs resident passed away in October 2012. Shortly after his passing, the two Tiffany lamps were discovered missing from his home and a theft report was taken by Palm Springs Police Department. No suspects were located at the time.

In April of 2018, a friend of the resident hired the services of Paloma Investigative Services to attempt to locate and recover the lamps. Paloma Investigators contacted nearby neighbors. One of the neighbors admitted that he had possession of the two Tiffany lamps, but that they were given to him by the deceased resident prior to his death. Fortunately, photographs were taken of the interior by PSPD Officers, who handled the death case of the resident. The photos depicted the lamps inside the residents' living room at the time of death. Paloma Investigators brought the discrepancy to the attention of the neighbor, who relinquished possession of the lamps to our investigator. The lamps were transported and released to the estate conservator in Palm Desert, California, so they could be reunited with the residents next of kin, the rightful owners. No charges will be filed against the neighbor, due to the Statute of Limitations expiring.



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